Is Cervical Mucus a Sign of Pregnancy?

When you are trying to conceive you are probably like every other woman, trying to read every possible sign and symptom you body may be giving you that you are pregnant. Cervical fluid is a great indicator of fertility during your cycle so it seems as though it should also be a great indicator of pregnancy. Its important to remember that every woman has a different experience during pregnancy and it is usually easier to read the cervical mucus signs of pregnancy in second or third pregnancies when you know how your body responds.

That being said, cervical mucus isnt a reliable sign of pregnancy. When you are ovulating and and right before you ovulate, you will notice that your cervical mucus becomes very thin, slippery, and much like the consistency of egg whites. This is what is called fertile cervical mucus as it allows the sperm to travel quite easily through the cervix into the fallopian tubes to meet the egg and fertilize it. While the egg white cervical mucus is a good indicator of ovulation and fertility, what happens next varies from woman to woman.

After ovulation most women find that their cervical mucus tends to be much stickier than during ovulation. The problem here is that most women report that they have cervical mucus during pregnancy but it is generally very sticky, so how do you tell the difference between your typical post ovulation mucus and the mucus that is seen during pregnancy? Most women cannot see the difference between the two. Some women are lucky enough to experience implantation bleeding which is usually pink or brown tinted mucus. This is different than your period as it will come earlier than when your period is expected and generally is not blood but pink or brown tinted mucus that is not seen for all that long.

As you can see, cervical mucus probably isnt the most reliable indicator of pregnancy just because what is seen during pregnancy is often the same thing that is seen post ovulation when women are not pregnant. If this is not your first pregnancy you may find that you have heavier discharge during the first few days of pregnancy which then tapers off and is much like post ovulation discharge. A previous pregnancy just gives you a basis of comparison, and if you are in touch with you body you will probably notice similarities that will clue you into the fact that you are pregnancy before you could get a positive home pregnancy test. If you pay attention to changes in cervical mucus as well as other physical changes you may just be able to predict pregnancy, but this is not a fool proof predictor!

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