Is Cervical Mucus a Sign of Pregnancy?

When you are trying to conceive you are probably like every other woman, trying to read every possible sign and symptom you body may be giving you that you are pregnant. Cervical fluid is a great indicator of fertility during your cycle so it seems as though it should also be a great indicator of pregnancy. Its important to remember that every woman has a different experience during pregnancy and it is usually easier to read the cervical mucus signs of pregnancy in second or third pregnancies when you know how your body responds.

That being said, cervical mucus isnt a reliable sign of pregnancy. When you are ovulating and and right before you ovulate, you will notice that your cervical mucus becomes very thin, slippery, and much like the consistency of egg whites. This is what is called fertile cervical mucus as it allows the sperm to travel quite easily through the cervix into the fallopian tubes to meet the egg and fertilize it. While the egg white cervical mucus is a good indicator of ovulation and fertility, what happens next varies from woman to woman.

After ovulation most women find that their cervical mucus tends to be much stickier than during ovulation. The problem here is that most women report that they have cervical mucus during pregnancy but it is generally very sticky, so how do you tell the difference between your typical post ovulation mucus and the mucus that is seen during pregnancy? Most women cannot see the difference between the two. Some women are lucky enough to experience implantation bleeding which is usually pink or brown tinted mucus. This is different than your period as it will come earlier than when your period is expected and generally is not blood but pink or brown tinted mucus that is not seen for all that long.

As you can see, cervical mucus probably isnt the most reliable indicator of pregnancy just because what is seen during pregnancy is often the same thing that is seen post ovulation when women are not pregnant. If this is not your first pregnancy you may find that you have heavier discharge during the first few days of pregnancy which then tapers off and is much like post ovulation discharge. A previous pregnancy just gives you a basis of comparison, and if you are in touch with you body you will probably notice similarities that will clue you into the fact that you are pregnancy before you could get a positive home pregnancy test. If you pay attention to changes in cervical mucus as well as other physical changes you may just be able to predict pregnancy, but this is not a fool proof predictor!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am exactly 14 days past period to the day, or right in the middle, thus yes Ovulation time…. I am”very” surprised to find “very light red slimey blood” any other experience this when pregnant? AS I say its not a period at all, rather very light red pinkish blood, and not a lot.

  • Anonymous1030

    I ended my period on the 2nd of this month. About 8 days later I started cramping and spotting. Then a day later I began bleeding very heavily like I was on my period again with lots of (what I think) is blood clots. It finally stopped again 7 days later. My boyfriend and I have had sex quite often. It has been 4 days since I stopped bleeding. For the past few days I have had bad heart burn, and as of last night I have noticed I lve been urinating more frequently. Today I felt wet like something was leaking out of my vagina and I went to the bathroom and it was a lot of thick, white discharge. It looked similar to lotion and was sticky with no odor. During ovulation my discharge is usually clear and extremely sticky and wet. This is a lot different then that. Would just like some opinions?

  • As this is very atypical cycle behavior, it is best that you go and see your doctor to find out what is going on. Something it definitely out of balance for you.

  • Des

    I got my last period on Nov. 19, it is now a week late. And my periods are pretty regular sometimes a day ahead or behind. I’ve been having heart burn, and constipation. nauseous and quesy. I’ve definitely been peeing more and my boobs and nipples are tender, sometimes barely, sometimes they hurt like hell. The weird thing is, I think I’ve been having fertile cm. It’s thin, stringy, stretchy, and wet. But I just checked and its not much, but a little thicker, white and creamy. I’m going to test tomorrow morning… Just wondering if anyone has had fertile like cm and actually been pregnant. Thanks (:

  • If you were drinking a lot of water or taking something like mucinex that can loosen all types of mucus in your body, including cervical mucus. Good luck with testing.

  • Michelle B

    So going by cm isn’t full proof that your pregnant…I had a positive opk test Jan 27…babydanced three days before and during my whole fertile window…now 7-8 dpo I have small amount of cm does that mean AF is near

  • That is typically how the cm changes after ovulation. You are able to take a test now. Did you?

  • Kim

    Hi so I had what I thought was my period 4 weeks ago on the 16 of July but unlike my usual period it was very short and lasted a day maybe two. That week o had hideous migran headaches dizziness and cramping which was also unusual for my period. But I shrugged it off until I noticed very dark brown black clots. And then They stopped but the next day or two I still had very dark brown discharge mixed in when I wiped. Again, NEVER has happened to me-sorry for the tmi!! The thing is since then I’ve been having constant mild cramping thought the day’s (usually afternoon and night) in my lower abdomen near my pelvis. Increasingly hungry at various hours especially at night but at the same time no appetite. I’m convinced EVERYTHING stinks all the time. I’m nauseous frequently-this morning I almost threw up. My breast are mildly sore off an on sometimes worse than others. But overall I feel fine I just feel off though. I am 10dpo but my period is supposed to come in exactly 7 days. Any chance this is all my period playing tricks on me? Or Are the chances greater that I could be pregnant?

  • Idk

    I had sex with my bf a day after my period and we used a condom, but unfortunately the condom broke but he did not cum inside me. Could I be pregnant? I hope not!

  • Kimmeh Ko Giroud

    I am 16, my period was on April 29 – May 4
    I had intercourse on May 14 but he was sure he didn’t ejaculate
    on May 23 I had bleeding bright red like period blood
    then afterward brown discharge til May 24
    on May 25 to May 26 which is today I have Egg white discharge
    please tell me I dont want to be pregnant or anything I’m too young 🙁
    please help me

  • Kas

    I feel your pain… im 16 as well and im pretty sure im pregnant

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