Infant Projectile Vomiting

If your child is vomiting then it can definitely be cause for concern. If your infant is projectile vomiting where the vomit comes out forcefully then you are probably even more concerned. There are a lot of different causes of infant vomiting and only your doctor is qualified to determine what is affecting your child and how to treat it. However, if your child has projectile vomiting it probably requires immediate medical attention.

If you have a newborn that has projectile vomiting after each feeding then you need to visit the pediatrician as soon as possible. This could be caused by an obstruction that requires immediate attention. Do not let much time pass in this situation. Instead, contact your doctor immediately. Also, if nothing is wrong and you simply misinterpreted spit up for vomiting dont feel embarrassed or worried. Your childs health is important and it is better to be overly cautious than to let things go.

Pyloric Stenosis is another cause of infant projectile vomiting. This usually presents itself between four and six weeks of age and is the result of an obstruction that occurs in the stomach. You will notice that while your infant is feeding or shortly thereafter he will have projectile vomiting. Make sure you schedule an immediate appointment with your physician or if it is on a weekend go to a childrens emergency room.

Viruses and infections can also cause projectile vomiting. The best thing to do in this situation is to make an appointment with the doctor to determine what is wrong with your child. Trying to diagnose him yourself is not a good idea and waiting it out is not a good idea either.

Remember that most babies spit up a lot in their first months. Some overeat and then spit up while others have acid reflux and spit up. Regardless, spit up is not forceful or projectile. It comes up very easily and just eases out of the baby’s mouth. However, if you are worried about how often your infant is spitting up and what you should do about it, or if there is cause for concern, then contact your pediatrician. That is what they are there for so dont wait hoping things will pass. You will be a better parent if you contact the doctor and make sure all is well.

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