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Important Growth Your Baby Makes During The Second Trimester

The fourth through sixth months of pregnancy make up the second trimester. During this time frame your baby will undergo many changes and continue growing every single day.

The fourth month of pregnancy you will see your baby weighing close to five ounces, some more and some less, and measuring six to seven inches long. At this early stage of pregnancy your baby is completely developed and the only thing left is to grow and mature. Your baby has hair already as well as eyebrows and eyelashes. Her skin is pink and practically transparent. By this month you will also feel strong fetal movement on a daily basis and every time you visit the doctor you will be rewarded with that sweet sound of the heart beating. Amazingly, at only 20 weeks gestation your baby can turn his head, wrinkle his head, open and close her mouth, swallow, move around, and sleep and wake up. It truly is amazing all your baby can do at such a young gestation. Your babys taste buds, breathing passages, and vocal cords are also formed this month.

By the fifth month your baby continues to grow and know weighs anywhere from eight ounces to one pound and is eight to 12 inches long! Talk about a growth spurt! Now your little one can kick his feet and legs, suck his thumb, and flail his arms. Since you can feel your babys movement you might wonder what your baby is doing in there!

A the last month of the trimester your baby may weigh up to one and a half pounds and be 11 to 14 inches long. She will also have her very own fingerprints and footprints that are unlike those of anyone else in the world. You will begin to feel her move more frequently and some of those kicks might pack quite a punch!

Your baby can also hear you during this trimester which is a huge achievement. You should consider reading and singing to your baby now so the baby can get to know your voice and recognize you outside the womb.

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