I don’t have morning sickness, is my baby going to be okay?

The first trimester of pregnancy brings lots of joy to expectant parents, but it also is the source of many new fears for expecting moms. Who knew how scary being pregnant would be? Every little thing that happens is a new reason to worry about your unborn child. Excess discharge, cramps, tender breasts, morning sickness, spotting, exhaustion, exercise, and more will leave you wondering many times if all is well and if you need to visit your doctor. On the other hand women who do not experience these symptoms also worry because if they dont have pregnancy symptoms maybe they arent pregnant anymore. One common question women have is if they dont have morning sickness will their baby be ok.

The most important thing for these women to understand is not all pregnant ladies experience morning sickness. Some even get by without the slightest pregnancy symptoms much to the chagrin of other pregnancy moms who fight the nausea and exhaustion every day. Nevertheless, the lack of symptoms is just another reason for expectant moms to worry.

If you have a positive pregnancy test and you dont have morning sickness then there is nothing to worry about. Morning sickness, which by the way can occur at any time of the day, doesnt affect all women. If you had morning sickness pretty bad and it begins to go away it could be normal because some women get over morning sickness after the first trimester. On the other hand, it could be a clue that a miscarriage is happening. That is because when a miscarriage occurs most womens pregnancy symptoms completely disappear.

However, you should not just sit by if you are worried about your pregnancy symptoms or lack thereof. Your doctor is there to help you and is used to fielding all kinds of questions from expectant moms. So dont worry that your question is stupid or that your doctor will think you are crazy. Simply ask and get the reassurance you need to have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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