How to Throw the Best Adult Halloween Party

For children, Halloween can be identified as one of the most exciting holidays because of the allure of dressing up in costume and receiving tons of candy. As we age, dressing up becomes more tedious, and counting calories prohibits much fun with candy. Still, Halloween can be fun for adults as well. Throwing an excellent adult themed Halloween party can be simple and enjoyable.

First, try selecting a theme for your adult Halloween party. Setting guidelines helps to reduce anxiety and promote creativity. It also adds to a distinguished and more adult-like atmosphere. Hand made invitations are cheap to make and add a personal touch. Include an RSVP card to know how many friends will be attending. This will also help with budgeting on party favors.

Finger foods such as cakes and small sandwiches make for a great adult themed party. Most foods can be easily converted to Halloween treats by adding a little food color. Keeping a variety of foods will not only keep everyone entertained, but full as well.

Will you be serving alcoholic beverages at your party? There are a variety of cocktails that can be catered to a Halloween theme. Punch is an excellent idea. Using a blood red base adds for a spooky feel and when placed in the proper bowl can make a conversational centerpiece. Party favors such as Halloween themed umbrellas or plastic spiders can be added to the desired affect, or used to distinguish alcoholic from non-alcoholic beverages. Make sure there are enough designated drivers before the party starts!

To keep the party lasting till the wee hours of the morning, try playing some adult themed games. Costume contests are always great and will once again promote creativity in your guests. Karaoke and lip-synching are also popular among the more adult crowd. For the winners, pick up a few gift certificates to a local restaurant or bake an extra batch of cookies.

Turn the lights down, the eerie music up, and get ready to party!

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