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How To Teach Your Child To Wipe While Learning To Use The Potty

Toilet training can be a trying time yet it is possible because all children are potty trained at some point or other. One part of toilet training some parents have problems with is teaching their child how to wipe while they are also learning to use the potty. Just teaching your child to go to the potty when they need to use the bathroom is hard enough, but teaching proper wiping and hygiene on top of that can be frustrating. However, if you treat the potty training process including wiping and washing hands as a whole you will have better results.

Once your child is ready to go potty on the toilet or potty chair then you can start showing your child the process. First your child should pee or BM and then you should immediately pass them the toilet paper. You may want to wipe them the first few times to show them how it is done. Also, your child may be too small to adequately wipe themselves. Keep this in mind and help your child wipe while they are learning. Getting in the practice is important and practice does make perfect, but some children wont be able to properly wipe when first potty training. This is ok. Simply pass them the toilet paper and help them wipe. You dont want to wipe them by yourself, you want them to put their hand on the toilet paper as well and practice what you are doing. If you take the easy way out and wipe your child after they go potty then they will be accustomed to this. So, from the very beginning show your child how to properly wipe and get them to help. Keep in mind girls should always wipe front to back to avoid bringing bacteria near the vagina that could cause an infection.

As your child gets older he/she will better be able to wipe alone. When you believe your child has reached this point allow them to take care of their own hygiene. If you find traces in your childs underwear that he/she is not doing a good job of wiping then you can have another lesson. Sometimes baby wipes are better options for children to wipe with than regular toilet paper because it gets the body cleaner with less work and can be easier for a child to work with. You might want to cut the wipes in small squares however to avoid wasting too many.

When you are teaching your child to wipe during the potty you will also want to stress that they wash their hands, too. You should set the example and always wash your hands after going to the bathroom because if you dont your child will certainly pay attention! Set a good example by washing your hands and then washing your childs hands. As your child gets a little bigger allow him/her to wish his/her own hands.

When you teach the potty training process in this manner the child will automatically learn how to wipe themselves and that afterwards they must wash their hands. It may take time, but be patient and consistent and before long your child will be potty trained, wiping, and washing hands and all!

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