How to Teach Boy to Care for Circumcised Penis

Choosing to circumcise or not circumcise a child can be very difficult for parents, and it is best to become educated about the procedure and its benefits (as well as drawbacks) as much as possible before making any decision. One of the things that parents will most likely consider is how easy it is to practice good hygiene on a circumcised penis versus an uncircumcised one. Parents want the best for their children, and that includes taking advantage of every opportunity that could help ensure good health for the duration of their life.

If you do decide to circumcise your son at birth, you will find that the most high maintenance aspect of caring for the penis occurs during the first few weeks after the procedure. During this time, you must be fully responsible for caring for the penis, which includes observing the wound for signs of infection or improper healing. In addition, the dressing must be changed, the area must be gently cleaned, and petroleum jelly and/or ointment must be applied- at minimum.

However, as your child gets older, it is important that he is educated on the importance of good hygiene habits, which includes caring for the genital area. The first part of the process involves you showing him how to properly care for his penis, and later, helping him adapt to the responsibility of cleaning the area himself. It is important to start this process at a young age so that your child will feel comfortable with his knowledge of how to clean his penis, as many boys become embarrassed to ask such personal questions when they reach puberty. Many parents feel most comfortable with the father handling this aspect of childrearing, and may even present an opportunity for bonding between father and son. Many children are taught how to properly clean their genital areas by being told to “wash like daddy”.

Although people think that specialized bathing products are necessary to maintain proper genital hygiene, there is actually no special care required- simply cleaning the area with warm, soapy water will be sufficient. The same is true for various tools and instruments (such as cotton swabs) – using a washcloth or just soaping up your hands is all that is required. Some men find that excessively washing with soap (or other bath products) can lead to soreness of the penis and surrounding area, but using warm water is usually enough to effectively clean the penis.

When proper hygiene is maintained, a variety of health conditions can be avoided in both men and their sexual partners. By teaching your child to clean himself properly, you are helping to ensure his health and vitality.

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