How To Put Drops In Toddler’s Eye

At some point in time your toddler will likely need eye drops. And, you will be the one responsible for administering them. Most toddlers will not willingly sit still and let you open up their eye to put eye drops in. By nature, toddlers are not still and they are scared of the drops in many cases. They can’t understand that the medicine will help them so they should open their eye. That means you must figure out a way to administer the eye drops successfully without too many tears. Fortunately, there is a surefire way to apply eye drops without any problems or battles!

Eyes Closed

You thought your toddler’s eyes needed to be open in order to successfully administer the eye drops, right? Actually, they don’t! This is the biggest problem because toddlers totally lose it when they see the eye dropper coming closer to their eye. Now, you can avoid the battles and make administering eye drops easy and scare free.

What you do is have your toddler lie back in your lap and close their eyes. Yes, close their eyes. Have them relax and tell them what you are doing. Next, apply two drops in the corner of their eye with their eye still closed. (It should be double the regular does for it to work properly, but ask the doctor to be sure). Now, have them open their eye. As soon as they open their eye the drops will rush in and it will have the same effect as if you had administered the drops with the eyes open. This method works wonders and your toddler will truly appreciate it!


Another option is to have your toddler sit down and let you pull their eyelid out and apply the medicine. This is not always well received either, but it might be a better option in older children. This method works as long as the little one is looking up so they don’t see the dropper and blink.
If you have a toddler or a child of any age that does not like having eye drops put in their eyes then give either of these methods a try. More than likely you will find that it works quite and your toddler allows you to administer the medicine without even a whimper. This is a relief to parents and toddlers and makes the whole process much easier and stress free!

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