How To Pick A Divorce Lawyer

Picking a divorce lawyer can be a difficult task. It is also an important one; much of your future rests on how your divorce comes out. By carefully picking your divorce lawyer, you can help to make your divorce as beneficial and as easy as it can be.

The first thing to do when picking a divorce lawyer is to ask your family and your friends if there is an attorney that they can recommend. While not all attorneys handle divorce cases, they may be able to offer you a referral to an attorney that does work on divorce cases. You can also contact your local and state legal bar associations to get a referral for an attorney. Some employers offer legal assistance as well that may be able to help you through your divorce. As a last resort, you can always find lawyers in the phone book.

Once you have a few divorce lawyers to pick from, you should try to meet with at least a couple of them. Many divorce lawyers offer a free initial consultation. This visit is your opportunity to make sure that the attorney will be the best one for you. Some questions you might ask a potential divorce lawyer can include:

– What are the lawyer’s rates?

– Does the lawyer have to be paid all at once, or can you pay you in installments?

– What sort of outcome can you expect?

– How often should you hear from your attorney?

– How quickly will the attorney return your phone calls?

– How many divorce cases has the lawyer handled?

– Who can you speak with in the office if there is an emergency?

You should also ask for a list of references of clients that the lawyer has worked with before. You should contact some of these references, and ask general questions about how satisfied they were with the lawyer. Also, because you will probably be dealing with the administrative assistant or receptionist quite a bit, you should try to spend a few minutes with her to determine how responsive she seems to be and whether she is cordial and generally nice.

By picking the right divorce lawyer, you can minimize some of the difficulties that come with divorce.

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