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How To Keep Your Toddler Safe Inside

Toddlers are always on the move. Sometimes, it can be difficult for a parent to keep up with a toddler, especially if there are other children in the home. Because of this, it is extremely important that you take steps to keep your toddler safe inside.

The first thing to remember when considering how to keep your toddler safe inside is that nothing beats a watchful eye and a listening ear. Regardless of the precautions that you take, there is always a safety hazard somewhere. Diligence is the word of the day when it comes to toddler safety.

Once your baby is mobile and on the brink of being a toddler, you should take the time to survey your home. Look around and watch for poisoning hazards, electrical hazards, medications, knives, and other dangerous items or situations. Watch out for any small objects that your toddler might like to pick up and put in her mouth or her eyes.

Baby gates are a useful tool for sectioning off dangerous areas of the house, such as stairs, even for toddlers. Make sure that any baby gate that you use is sturdy enough and installed correctly so that your toddler won’t just come crashing right through it.

Electrical outlet covers are also important. These small plastic caps can keep little hands out of the outlets, as well as little beads, little toys, etc. Alternatively, there are outlet plates that will allow you to slide them shut over the outlet.

Make sure than any medications are safely out of reach. This goes for cleaning products, as well, including laundry soaps and detergents.

For especially active toddlers, you might consider getting corner guards for some of your furniture, such as the kitchen table. The sharp edges of furniture or fixtures can cause serious accidents. Many parents of toddlers remove end tables and coffee tables altogether until the toddler is less active or more stable.

You should also watch out for visitors. A good friend who leaves her purse on the couch could have any number of dangerous objects in there, such as a nail file, medications, or even lipstick, that can be a hazard to your toddler.

There is no way to guarantee that your toddler will never have an accident of any sort. However, by taking some of these precautions, you can help to keep your toddler safe inside.

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