How To Keep Discipline Consistent When Parents Are Separated

When parents separate the kids are often left in limbo in more ways than one. Discipline is just one of those areas that may differ significantly among the separated parents despite the importance of keeping discipline consistent. The following tips should help separated parents find ways to keep discipline consistent.

Make a Plan
A plan is important for discipline within a family and even more so for a family that is separated. Sometimes one parent will allow children to get away with all types of behavior simply to hurt the other parent or to make the kids love them more. However, this will only backfire and cause more problems later in life not to mention it does the child no favor. So, make a plan. This might require some effort on the part of the parents especially since they are separated, however it is for the sake of the children. Try and sit down and create a plan for disciplining the children in order to keep it consistent. If you cant bear to sit down and have this conversation then do it over email. The most important thing is that a plan is created so that both parents can follow it and ensure consistency.

After the plan is made communication is important to ensure the plan is being followed. It is easy to develop a discipline plan and then have one parent not follow it or simply deviate from it as he/she pleases. The most important thing for separated parents to keep in mind is that discipline is for their children and their children are not tools to hurt one another. When this is realized then the parents can open up the lines of communication where the kids are concerned and work together to ensure consistency.

Following these steps is certainly not always easy and it may be an incredible challenge for some. Nevertheless, it is important to keep discipline consistent and even more so when the parents are separated. So, if you are in this situation put your children first and dont the feelings you have for your ex instead think about the feelings you have for your children and let this be the motivating factor for communication and consistency with discipline.

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