How to Handle Discipline Conflict Between Parents

How to discipline children is a big decision and one some parents find difficult to agree on. That is because there are many different types of discipline and lots of parents have their own ideas as to how they should discipline their children. When a couple has conflicting views on how to discipline their children then problems may arise. One parent might believe in corporal punishment while the other parent believes in simply talking and explaining to the child how they should behave. Obviously, these two methods of discipline are vastly different and trying to implement both of them will cause even more problems. So, how can parents handle discipline conflicts?

One answer is to talk about discipline and compromise. Marriage is about give and take and raising children is really no different. So, if the couple can talk about the types of discipline they believe in it is just possible they will be able to compromise and come up with a method of discipline everyone agrees on.

Another answer is for parents to always respect their spouse. This means that if your spouse vehemently opposes physical punishment then you should never punish your child in this way. Even if you were disciplined this way as a child things change significantly when you get married and have children. So, respect your spouse and his/her beliefs about punishment.

Yet another way to steer clear of conflict is to sit down as a family and develop a discipline plan. This plan takes into account everyones opinion about what is fair and whats not, even the kids. That way a family plan can be developed so everyone knows what the punishments will be and conflict wont arise because a plan is in place. Additionally, you wont have any conflict about the punishments with the kids because they helped determine what punishments would be. Having this plan set up means that when your child lies to you he does so knowing the punishment for lying so there is no way he can claim the punishment is unfair or too strong. This is a great way to discipline children even when parents agree about discipline methods. However, it is especially helpful at avoiding conflict with parents who have different discipline styles.

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