How to Handle a Out of Control Toddler

All toddlers have tantrums, fits, and complete throw downs. They throw themselves on the floor, scream, kick, hit, bite and simply make you feel like the worst parent on the planet. However, most of the time toddlers don’t want to act like this, they just do it to show you how they are feeling since they can’ t communicate with words. If you want to know how to handle an out of control toddler then keep reading!

Remove from the Situation

The best thing you can do with an out of control toddler is to remove them from the situation. When your toddler starts to have a meltdown you should take them to another room, outside, or to an area where it is just you and your toddler. Many times the act of taking your toddler to another place will calm them down, but if it doesn’t it allows you to be in a private area where you can talk with them without onlookers.

Don’t Spank or Hit

When your toddler is out of control, you don’t want to spank or hit them to try and get them to behave. This is because you will probably be too upset and hit too hard and also because when your toddler is out of control anything like a spanking will only make them more upset.


If you can distract your toddler with something, that is a great way to help them calm down. Music, television, the outdoors, animals, or anything else that might work will be worthwhile. Pull out your keys, your kid’s favorite treat, or stop for an ice cream cone. This is hard to do, but if you find a distraction that works it’s enough to calm the storm.

Let them Cry

Sometimes, your toddler just needs to cry it out. You can leave them in a toddler proof area that will allow your child the opportunity to cry, scream, and totally freak out until they are over the tantrum. This is not a good option if you are in the mall or at a restaurant, but if you are at home it is a good way to deal with the situation.
Nobody likes for their toddler to be out of control, however the truth of the matter is that all toddlers go through this phase and all toddlers will have tantrums and lose control at some point. As a parent, you must be consistent and patient as well as understanding. This too shall pass, so just ride it out!

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