How to Get a Vaccine Religious Exemption

Do you hold strong religious beliefs and you don’t want to vaccinate your child? If so, you will need to prove your sincere and deeply held beliefs against vaccinating your child. Some states wanted to make individuals belong to churches with professed beliefs against vaccinating their children. However, that did not hold up in court and now people only need to hold a personal religious belief against vaccinations and they are not required to belong to a specific church or even an organized religion.

When you apply for a religious exemption you will be required, in many cases, to show that you truly do hold strong religious beliefs against vaccination. You may be asked to defend your decision based on religious beliefs not on a medical or scientific basis. Several supreme courts have made rulings limiting the lengths that states or schools can go to in order to require proof of religious beliefs. Nevertheless, there will be some need for a demonstration of religious beliefs when it comes to this exemption.

It is not necessary for someone who practices one religion like Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or another, to switch to another religion to make getting a religious exemption easier. Each state has a form that must be completed and signed. The vaccination forms are available for each state. Download the form, print it out, and submit it to your state. It is important to submit the form as early as possible so you will not have problems with school enrollment.

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