How to Get a Vaccine Medical Exemption

Some parents oppose vaccinations based on their own beliefs. However, many other parents oppose vaccinations for their children based on an illness. If vaccines were given to the child serious side effects could occur. Even life threatening side effects. Because of this states have initiated a medical exemption for vaccines. All 50 states offer this exemption for children who medically cannot receive the vaccines out of safety concerns.

Doctor’s Note

The first thing any parent will need to apply for a medical exemption is a doctor’s note. The note must be written on the doctor’s stationary and explain the medical condition as well as the reason the child cannot be vaccinated. Potential side effects may also be listed and in some cases help prove the case for medical exemption. As long as a doctor’s note is provided it is practically impossible for a medical exemption not to be approved by the state.

In addition to the doctor’s note a state form for medical exemption should be completed by the child’s parents and include all the necessary information. Once the case is approved the family will receive a letter that the child has a medical exemption and may enroll in daycare, preschool, or school without the traditional vaccines.

Remember, the state receives many exemption applications each year so be sure to apply well in advance of the school year. Regardless of whether there is a pending application most schools will not allow the child to enroll without the vaccinations or the exemption letter. Because of this it makes sense to apply as soon as possible to have the letter when it is necessary.

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