How to Get a Philosophical Exemption for Vaccinations

Not all states offer a philosophical exemption for vaccinations. However, there are 20 states that do and if you live in one of them getting the philosophical exemption for vaccines for your child is quite easy. All you have to do is complete an exemption form stating you are opposed to immunization of your child on philosophical grounds. It is not necessary to explain your reasoning or your philosophies regarding vaccinations.

You will need to complete the exemption form well in advance of needing it. That is because some states are seriously backlogged in processing these exemptions. Since there may be some wait you will want to apply as early as possible to avoid any delays. Of course, the earlier you apply the better off you will be because you will have time to resolve any problems that may arise. Most people who apply for a philosophical exemption for immunizations receive their letter without any problems. That’s because the people who apply generally do oppose vaccines and do not want to harm their children in any way. The exemption letter will be mailed to the child’s guardian and it must be presented when the child enrolls in daycare, preschool, or the public school system.

If you live in a state where philosophical exemptions are not allowed then your only other options are medical exemptions or religious exemptions. A doctor’s note is required for the medical exemption so if your child has a medical reason not to receive vaccinations then this will ensure an exemption is received. Religious exemptions are a bit different, but since freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitution this exemption is also given freely.

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