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How to Ease Feelings of Guilt over Putting Your Child in Daycare

All parents would love to stay home with their children until the first day of kindergarten. However, that simply is not realistic and most families have both parents working full time so the only option is daycare or some other form of childcare. The problem is that many parents have a lot of guilt over putting their children in daycare and feel as if they are doing something bad for their children. But, parents who must put their children in childcare should relax because daycare is actually beneficial in many ways for your kids! The following benefits will show you a few of the reasons why you shouldnt feel guilty about putting your child in daycare and why he might be better off in some areas than kids who stay home with their parents.

Learning to Socialize
When kids go to daycare they immediately make friends and start learning how to socialize. This is vitally important for a successful life and kids at daycare become real pros early on!

You will notice that your child learns to share, coexist, and even resolve problems on his own. This is something very few children who stay home alone with a parent learn at such an early age. Your child will also learn how to stand up for himself. Of course, you will probably hear about some squabbles that took place or even name calling, but these situations are perfect examples to teach your child about good behavior and manners. Its amazing, but daycare children are really social creatures and their first day at kindergarten is a lot easier than kids who have never been away from their parents.

Your child will learn all kinds of things at daycare. These include new ideas as well as the alphabet, numbers, and more. Teachers will sit down and do crafts with your child, help them play on the computer, and take them outside to play. These are things you may not have time to do at home at least not the entire day. So, when your child attends daycare he receives full day instruction in living life, having fun, and learning.

So, go ahead and get over yourself and your guilt. You have to go back to work and your only option is to send your child to daycare. You still might not like the idea, but it does help to know that your child will benefit from the experience, right?

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