How To Discipline A Child With Behavioral Problems

Disciplining your child is no picnic and it can be quite a challenge with a completely healthy child who responds well to discipline. On the other hand, you may have a child with behavioral problems. If this is the case then you will likely find that discipline is difficult to implement and you are at the end of your rope trying to figure out how to teach your child how to behave properly. Fortunately, there are some tips that should help you discipline your child with behavioral problems. Yes and No Children with behavioral problems need very clear answers. They do not need explanations or long drawn out reasons. What they need to know is that yes they can go outside and play or no they cannot. Be consistent as well with your answers. If your child consistently asks to do something you dont approve of always say no. Never change your mind because if your child realizes that if he asks long enough you might change your answer then you will have more problems disciplining and be worn out! Dont Argue You might tell your child to clean his room before he can watch TV. But, if you allow your child to start a debate over why this is fair or not or anything then your child will find a way to convince himself that he is correct and you are not. Also, kids with behavioral problems often love to argue because it is stimulating. So, if you allow an argument you can count on one every time not to mention the argument will never end because your child enjoys it so much. Dont Ask Why When a child does something you dont approve of you want to ask why they did it. However, when you ask why you are giving your child a chance to come up with a lie, an excuse, or the chance to blame someone else. Most of the time kids dont know why they do things, they just do them. So, dont ask your behavioral problem child why he lit the trash on fire. Instead, try asking What did you do? It is difficult to discipline children and even more difficult to discipline kids with behavioral problems. But if you are committed and consistent then you will be able to effectively discipline your child.

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