How to Deal with Bullies in Second Grade

Dealing with bullies can be a difficult situation, regardless of the grade that a child is in. However, dealing with bullies in second grade can be especially difficult. This is because, in the second grade, it is much more difficult to try to reason with a bully, and it is much more difficult for the child who is trying to deal with the bully to know what to do, and to be able to do what he needs to do.

How you deal with bullies in second grade depends on at least a few factors. First, it is important to identify what exactly it is that the bully is doing that makes him a bully. If the bully is calling names, for example, you will need to deal with him in an entirely different way than what you would with bullies that are hitting. If a child is being a bully with words, you still need to deal with it. However, you may be able to very simply deal with this situation by talking to your second grader, and helping him to know what to do when the bullies come around.

If a child is being physically injured, or if physical injury is threatened in a serious manner, you need to deal with the bullies in a more drastic way. You need to, first of all, bring the matter to the teacher’s attention. It is unfortunate, but even the best teachers will sometimes miss bullies. It may be all that is needed is for you to point out the bullies specific behavior for the teacher to address it adequately. If you don’t feel that the teacher’s response was adequate, or if the bullies continue to do there thing after you have talked to the teacher, it is time to take the issue to the next level. You need to talk to the school principal, and try to get her to deal with it. It also wouldn’t hurt in this situation to find out what the school or the school district policy is on bullies. Many schools have a very strict policy on bullies, which has to be followed exactly.

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