How To Clear Your Baby’s Stuffed Up Nose

No parent likes to see their little one suffer from colds or flu. Unfortunately, colds and flu are an unavoidable part of childhood. A stuffy nose can be especially difficult for your baby.

When a baby is born, he only knows how to breathe through his nose. It is especially important for your tiny one to have clear nasal passages. Unfortunately, babies cannot take the same medications that are so effective in adults and in older children.

The most effective tools that the parents of a baby have in dealing with nasal congestion are saline-based nasal sprays and nasal aspirators. As always, you should check with your pediatric health care provider before using nasal spray or any other prescription or over-the-counter medication on your little one.

To clear up baby’s congestion, follow these simple steps:

1. Sit the baby so she is in an upright or a semi-upright position. You can use her high chair, car seat, baby carrier, or a spouse to accomplish this.

2. Insert the nasal spray bottle just in the nasal opening. Spray 1 or two squirts into your baby’s nose. If your baby is laying down, most nasal sprays will stream instead of mist, and this can irritate your baby.

3. After a little while, you can use the nasal aspirator. Squeeze the bulb of the aspirator, and then insert the open end of the aspirator just into the nasal opening.

4. Release the bulb on the aspirator slowly. This will cause the mucus to be sucked into the aspirator.

5. Wipe off the nasal aspirator.

6. Repeat the procedure for the other nostril.

Using a nasal aspirator too often can irritate baby’s nasal membranes. Do not use more than you need to. Other things you can do that may help clear your baby’s stuffed up nose include:

– Steam from the shower can help. Sit in the room while the shower runs hot. Obviously, do not put the baby into the shower.

– A cool mist vaporizer may help not only baby, but adults or other children who have stuffy noses.

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