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How Much Weight Should You Gain During The Second Trimester

By the time you reach your second trimester you may have gained three to five pounds or more. Some women gain up to 10 before this point and others less. But the average is three to five. Now, how much can you expect to gain during your second trimester? The recommended amount of weight gain during the second trimester is about one pound per week for the average woman. If you were already heavy when you became pregnant or were incredibly thin then your doctor may have some other guidelines for you as far as weight gain during the second trimester is concerned.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the majority of the weight that you gain during the second trimester will still be around after you deliver. So dont think of pregnancy as eating for two. Doing this will lead to increased weight gain and you will only have to lose it afterwards so it is better to never gain too much to begin with. There are other reasons you dont want to gain too much weight too fast, either.

These reasons include hemorrhoids, varicose veins, indigestion, fatigue, backache, stretch marks, and even shortness of breath. Any of these may be experienced by a pregnant woman who gains the recommended amount of weight, but the risk is much higher when too much weight is gained during the second trimester.

Keep in mind as well that the average amount of weight to gain is just that, an average. Some women will gain more and some women will gain less. Try to eat healthy, exercise, and not worry about what the scale says. You are gaining weight in order to help your baby grow and develop so it is all worth it. Just try to keep that perspective and you will be fine.

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