How Much Home-Work Is Expected of My Kindergartener?

Kindergarten used to be about play time and having fun. In fact, it was like a glorified babysitting service where you dropped your child off, they had fun, maybe learned a little bit, and eventually made it to first grade where they actually started to learn. Well, these days kindergarten is a lot different and children begin learning things in kindergarten that used to be first grade fair. Also, they begin having homework. Most of the time your child will have a basic homework task. This reinforces learning and also gets your child accustomed to work at home. In addition, it keeps parents on top of what their children are learning.

You might be amazed at some of the following homework tasks kindergarteners are assigned, but these are real homework assignments. Remember as well that in most cases kindergarteners will not have more than one homework task. This is because kindergarteners cannot focus their attention for too much time at once and also because giving too much homework would be overwhelming.

One popular kindergarten homework assignment is for the child to write all the names and ages of the people in his family. This reinforces the alphabet and writing as well as numbers. Kids will also have fun with this activity because they know most of the answers and finding out the rest is fun and easy.

Another kindergarten activity is to have a child tie his shoe 10 times. This might seem like a lot, but it gives the child a goal as well as allows him to practice. The child will sit down and tie his shoe 10 times, which encourages counting on his own. In addition, motor skills are increased and the child becomes an expert shoe tier!

Yet another activity is for the kindergartener to name five things that are larger than a truck. This will require the child to think about size relationships and what objects are actually larger than a truck. Sometimes this exercise is reversed and the child is asked to name five things smaller than a truck.

Children are sometimes asked to consider what they would buy if they won the lottery and to write it down. It is interesting to read what the children want to buy and it allows them to practice writing as well as to consider large amounts of money.

There are so many activities children in kindergarten are assigned that it is amazing. However, you shouldnt worry too much about your kindergartener having excess homework because this is rarely the case. In most situations your child will have a maximum of 15 minutes of homework and thats it. Sometime no homework will be assigned. Enjoy these light homework years because once your kindergartener reaches high school the homework load really increases!

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