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How Much Does My Baby Weigh During The Second Trimester?

Your baby will be gaining weight every single day during the second trimester so you can expect to be gaining weight as well! It is amazing to think that your bay begins the second trimester weighing only a couple ounces and ends it weighing close to two pounds or more. Your baby will constantly be putting on weight until the day she is delivered.

There are several things that affect your babys weight gain that you should be aware of. The first one is maternal weight gain. If the expectant mom does not gain enough weight then her baby will rob her stores and while he will probably receive the nutrition he needs he will be a small baby. On the other hand, if the expectant mom gains too much weight then the baby may gain too much as well. A really big baby is not desirable, especially in first time moms, because it will make delivery more difficult.

Because of this it is very important to follow a healthy diet while pregnant. You want to ensure you are eating enough of the right foods to provide all the nutrients your growing baby needs, but also not too much that you are storing more fat pounds than are recommended. A good way to make sure you are not gaining too much weight is to eat a low fat high fiber diet full of vegetables and fruits. If you avoid sugary foods and high fat foods your body will more than likely gain the necessary amount of weight for you to have a healthy pregnancy.

Also, as long as you are eating healthy and eating enough food without overeating do not worry about the weight gain guidelines during the second trimester. Most moms gain about a pound per week during the second trimester but if you are gaining more or less, while eating healthy and eating enough, then you should have no worries whatsoever. Different womens bodies react different to pregnancy and you should just go with the flow and enjoy all the changes in your body!

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