How Much Does It Cost To Homeschool A Child?

Many parents are interested in homeschooling their children, but the fact that it costs money and sometimes a lot of it deters many families. Especially those families who need at least two incomes to get by, homeschooling can put a strain on an already strained financial situation. Some parents actually believe they are saving a lot of money homeschooling, but those parents who keep good accounting records show otherwise. The average cost to homeschool one child is about $2500, with costs going down with each subsequent child.

Of course, this average cost includes textbooks that are up to date, computer equipment, ergonomic furniture, electricity, resource library and tutors to supplement teaching certain difficult subjects parents may not be familiar with. Not to mention the homeschooling parents income that is forfeited because the parent chooses to homeschool. One study showed that the average homeschool parent is a college educated woman that would earn close to $40,000 in the workplace as well as benefits. When the mother stays home to homeschool this income is given up, so it can also be associated with the costs of homeschooling.

On the other hand, some families find they can homeschool their child for as little as $300 a year. This means using a lot of used materials, swapping materials with other homeschooling families, and finding discounts on everything. This type of homeschool education may not include the most up to date computer equipment, the best resource library, or even up to date books. However, it is more cost effective and lots of families choose to homeschool in this manner.

The cost of homeschooling begins to get more expensive as children enter high school. Resources cost more, testing is necessary, and extracurricular activities are highly recommended. During this time a homeschooling family could see prices soar.

However, a homeschooling family can spend as much or as little as they can afford and still make homeschooling work. There are a lot of homeschooling organizations where multiple families pitch in and help each other, sharing their strengths so the children receive the best education. Doing this does reduce the costs of homeschooling and can actually increase the childs socialization skills and education by taking advantage of the resources and people around you.

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