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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Baby?

When you went to the store to buy that pregnancy test you probably thought the price tag was high enough at around $10. But, that was just the beginning. Babies cost money and a lot of it. Just having the baby costs quite a great deal of money if you dont have insurance. Then caring for the child will eat up lots of cash as well. The following expenditures will be outlined and discussed so you can see roughly how much it costs to have a baby.

Hospital A normal delivery costs anywhere from $5000 to $8000 and if a C section is required those costs go up to $12000. Also, if there are any complications involved the prices go up even more.

Diapers Diapers are will cost you about $25 per week. Of course, if you use a store brand you might can spend a little less and if you use a really expensive brand they will cost you more. The average monthly diaper expense is between $80 and $130.

Formula You hear the term breast is best a lot and not only is breast milk better for your baby but it is cheaper too. However, many moms must formula feed for one reason or another. These moms spend at least $40 per week on formula, depending on whether they buy powdered or ready made.

Furniture You can probably find used furniture for your baby that will help you save on the cost, but make sure everything meets the safety codes outlined for today. Nevertheless, you will still spend about $500 on baby furniture and that is a conservative number.

Clothes Through hand me downs and baby showers you will likely accumulate a lot of clothes for your child, at least the first year. But, baby clothes are not cheap and if you are buying them you will find that out soon enough. Do your best to buy clothes when they are on sale so you can save money.

Car Seat Car seats are required, and they cost between $60 and $500. There are so many brands out there and they all have different styles, equipment, and designs which account of the big price disparity. Nevertheless, these car seats must be purchased. And, your child will need more than one car seat because they have weight limits.

Daycare If you must return to work expect to spend anywhere from $3000 to $4500 in your childs first year of daycare.

As you can see, having a baby is not cheap. That is why so many parents struggle financially when they are starting a new family.

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