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How Much Attention Does A Baby Really Need?

When a couple has a baby they are normally excited and overwhelmed at the same time. Frequently these couples ask lots of questions and one of them is how much attention does a baby really need. All babies are different and some will need constant attention while others will seem happy most of the time regardless of the amount of attention received. However, if you have a brand new baby then you should hold it, comfort it, and get to know one another.

Your new baby does not know how to communicate with you yet except for crying. So, if your baby is crying a lot then maybe he is seeking more attention. You cant spoil a new baby even if your grandmother tells you otherwise by holding it too much. So, dont be afraid to hold your baby all day if you want to or carry him around in a sling or baby carrier. The closer you are to your baby the easier it will be to bond. Also, when you have your baby close to you he will feel secure and comforted and will be les likely to cry or become upset.

Generally, babies cry because they are tired, hungry, or cold. If you have your baby nearby you can ensure they are not cold through warm clothes and your body heat. Also, if your baby is comfortable and close to you then he will probably sleep better than otherwise. In addition, if your baby is hungry then you will notice the rooting signs as soon as they begin and know it is time for a feeding rather than being distracted and waiting for your little one to start crying to let you know it is time to eat.

You should give your baby as much attention as you want to and dont worry what others say. Certainly dont ignore your baby or leave it alone for long periods of time. Babies are brand new in this world and they dont know what is going on. They need to be with you to bond, memorize your face, and feel loved and secure. So, pay your baby all the attention you want. You wont go overboard.

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