How Many Hours A Day Should You Be Homeschooling Your Children?

One question that frequently is asked of homeschooling parents is how long they actually teach their kids each day. The answer varies widely from family to family and the age range of the children. Some families have a fixed schedule and school lasts four hours a day five days per week while other families teach all the time in life situations so it seems kids are in school non-stop. Other families simply teach what is on schedule for the day and it takes as much time or as little time as necessary. So, how much time you spend homeschooling your children will probably depend on what you are teaching, their age, and several other factors.

The average amount of time spent homeschooling on a daily basis is probably around four hours a day. Some families spend more time and others less. State regulations may also play a role in the amount of time spent homeschooling as well. You might think that three or four hours a day of school is not enough for a child to learn because public schools last about six hours a day. But, if you consider how much more your child will learn because of one on one attention then you can see that three or four hours of homeschool time is probably more than they would learn in more time at public school.

Public school teachers frequently spend half of the class disciplining children, settling them down, and getting started. You only have one child to focus on and there are no distractions. Also, you can get straight to the point and answer your childs questions and then move on. Public school kids must sit and wait for everyone to ask all their questions, listen to the explanations, and the like. This can be a big time waster if your kid already understands.

As your child gets older, however, you will realize that more time is needed during the day to teach and explain subjects. Then, your child will have assignments he must work on. The amount of time your child spends working on his assignments will vary. Some kids will work quickly and efficiently while others take their time and dawdle.

So, the amount of hours a day you should be homeschooling your children depends on your child and what he needs to learn effectively. It might take some time to determine the right amount of time, but you will, and that is the great thing about homeschool. You spend as much time as necessary to learn, whether it be a lot or a little, and then you are done!

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