How Long For Milk to Dry Up After Weaning Toddler?

Weaning is a process that a mother either dreads or really looks forward to, and for some mother’s the two emotions overlap. The process can be difficult because breastfeeding becomes habit for both mother and baby and it also becomes second nature for the body to keep producing milk. Therefore, even if you have planned to wean your baby and you are at peace with the idea, you may be wondering exactly how long it will take for your milk to dry up and how comfortable the whole process will be.

Milk Production and Drying After Weaning

The first few days are usually the most difficult after weaning, but if you can get through these first couple of days you will usually be just fine. How long it takes for the milk to dry up after weaning your toddler really does vary from woman to woman. Most women will find that if they are going to become engorged that it only lasts for two to four days and then the milk production will begin to decrease. Most women find that the milk is completely or just about dried up after two weeks.

Some women will continue to notice a small amount of milk production for some time. In some instances the milk production can last weeks, months, or years. If the milk production is bothersome you can talk to your doctor and he or she may be able to prescribe medications that will aide in the drying up process. Most women are not bothered by the drying up process after the first couple days, as it is just a matter of time.

To help with the drying out process you should definitely wean slowly. You should gradually decrease feedings every day for a couple weeks until you are only breastfeeding a couple times a day. This will help to signal to your body that it needs to slow down milk production. When you wean slowly in this way you will not become as engorged, if you become engorged at all, and the drying out process will usually go a lot more smoothly for most women.

Many women like to aid the drying out process by placing cabbage leaves in their bra. This is something that has been done for ages and most women swear by it. You simply place whole cabbage leaves over the breast and then put on a bra. When you leave the cabbage leaves on for a whole day or even repeat the process for a couple days it is supposed to aide in the drying out of the milk to make the whole process a lot more comfortable.

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