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How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce?

The time that it takes to get a divorce will vary greatly from one situation to the next. There are a variety of factors that can influence how long it does take to get a divorce. These can include:

– Where you live. Some states have a mandatory waiting period to get a divorce. How long this waiting period is can range up to six months after the original divorce paperwork is filed.

– How much you and your spouse are able to cooperate. If you or your spouse are not able to resolve the issues between you through a dialogue, it will greatly increase the time it takes to get a divorce. If both parties are willing to communicate civilly, it will reduce the amount of time and money that it takes to finalize the divorce. If the divorce is “uncontested” – that is, if both parties can work out the divorce agreement between themselves and their lawyers, the divorce will go much more quickly.

– If you agree to have a mediated divorce. If you are not communicating with your spouse, but you are both willing to go through mediation, your divorce will take more time than an uncontested divorce, but not as long as it would if you are not open to mediation. Mediation can sometimes take as little as an hour or two, or it can take several hours over a several day or several week period.

– If you are not communicating at all with your spouse, and unwilling to go through mediation. If you are in a divorce that is not amicable, or at least a divorce with open lines of communication, the time that your divorce will take becomes more and more. Your divorce could drag on and on, lasting months or years, as your lawyers try to work things out and you eventually get to court. In these circumstances, you should plan on your divorce taking at least a year, plus any waiting period that is described by local law.

Even in the worst of cases, divorce proceedings rarely last more than two years. In an ideal situation, it can last for just a few weeks or months.

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