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How Long Does Fertile Cervical Mucus Last?

If you are trying to get pregnant the best way to truly know when you are and when you are not is by paying close attention to your cervical mucus. What you thought before was an unimportant function of the body will now become very interesting as you watch the very extreme changes in your cervical fluid. You may wonder how you never noticed the changes, especially when you see the thin, slippery, egg white consistency of your fertile cervical mucus!

The reason why you may have never noticed the fertile cervical fluid is because it doesnt usually last all that long. The cervical fluid usually becomes very slippery and stretchy like egg whites right before ovulation. One to four days after ovulation the cervical mucus will change from the egg white consistency back to a thicker, even cloudy or milky like mucus. Some women are still fertile with this cloudy mucus, but its usually for two to three days at the very most. You can bet that four days after your last sight of the slippery, clear mucus that you are no longer fertile.

It may take you a couple cycles to really determine what is what with your cervical mucus and really see when your fertile days are. You may be able to help sort it out by using a basal thermometer to determine if you are ovulating. Some women produce a lot of mucus and will see it in their panties to easily determine if they are fertile or not. Others will have to check within their vagina for the mucus, and others still produce so little that it may be difficult to tell on their own.

If you are worried that the limited window of fertile mucus limits your chance of getting pregnant, there is no need to worry. The great thing about this mucus is that sperm can live in it for up to seven days, so even if you have intercourse just once during this time you could still end up pregnant. Like your mucus, it is not really the quantity of sperm that meet the mucus, but the quality of the sperm and the mucus working together. This fertile mucus is very conducive to fertilization, so if you have sex once you still have hope of becoming pregnant.

There is really no way of extending the number of days that you have fertile cervical mucus but there are home remedies and medications that you can take to help increase the amount or the quality of your existent cervical mucus. Having more fertile cervical mucus will likely help you get pregnant in a much more efficient manner!

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