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How Long Does Colic Last?

Parents with colicky babies generally have one very important question and that is, How long does colic last? Colic is described as a baby who cries inconsolably for three or more hours per day at least three days per week. Colic generally begins between one week and six weeks of age and lasts up to three or four months. There are some babies whose colic will subside before this point and other babies who will be colicky up to six months of age. There is no hard and fast rule about when colic subsides, although the vast majority of babies find relief around three months of age.

The months the parents are dealing with a colicky baby can be agonizing. The parents become exhausted, depressed, and mentally overworked trying to soothe and inconsolable baby. Fortunately, there are some remedies that seem to help colicky babies. There is no cure for colic, but parents have tried a lot of different things to get their baby to quiet down and one of them just might work for your colicky infant.

The first option is to keep your baby in constant movement. You might put him in a sling and carry him everywhere you go. Or, you might put him in a swing, vibrating bouncy seat, in the car, or on the dryer. No matter where you place your baby make sure he is under constant supervision all the time. Some parents find their baby will only relax after being driven around in the car for hours while others dont want to be confined to their car seats. You will have to try different options with your baby to see what works.

Gripe water is yet another remedy some parents swear by. This is a European herbal concoction that helps soothe the baby. Many parents believe in the solution and use it regularly. Other parents say it has no effect on their childs colic. You will have to check it out and see if it works for your infant or not.

Yet another remedy is infant massage. Some babies are colicky due to the gas trapped inside their little tummies. So, if you can help them pass the gas then their symptoms will be relieved. Infant massage is supposed to help with that and if you follow the suggested moves more than likely you will provide your baby with at least some relief.

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