How Important is Kindergarten?

Most children begin kindergarten at the age of five. However, many parents are starting to question the importance of kindergarten and whether their children even need to go. It is a fact that in most states kindergarten is not required although the education acquired in kindergarten is required for the student who wants to go straight to first grade. The answer to the question is that kindergarten is really important and has many advantages.

Learn the Basics
When your child attends kindergarten he will learn the basics. This means the basics in math, science, reading, writing, social studies, and more. You want your child to be prepared for the first grade and beyond and in almost all cases kindergarten accomplishes that. If your child skips kindergarten then he may be prepared for first grade anyway, but he may still be behind. Kindergarten will expose your child to all the things he should know so that by the time he does reach first grade he will be prepared.

Kindergarten prepares children for the following school years because they meet new friends and learn how to communicate. Developing these communication skills early on is important because the sooner children learn how to communicate well the sooner they can do so. When kids are required to share and play nicely with one another they will store that information and it will shape how they treat others for the rest of their lives.

Accustomed to School
Another reason why kindergarten is important is because it allows the child to become accustomed to school. Kids will have to start attending school on a daily basis until they turn at least 18 years old so it is important to go ahead and let them become accustomed to attending school while they are young. Then a full day of school in first grade and beyond wont be such a shock.

These are just a few of the many benefits of kindergarten that show why this grade is so important. Most parents who have allowed their first child to skip kindergarten regret it and their second child attends. You will need to make the decision for yourself and your child, but all in all kindergarten is an important grade and one that really prepares your child for his future education.

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