How Effective Are Probiotics At Helping With Colic?

Treating colic can be something of a process of trial and error. The fact of the matter is that experts are not agreed as to what exactly it is that can cause colic to begin with. There are some experts that believe that colic is caused by problems in the gastrointestinal tract. There are other experts that believe that colic is caused by other things, such as the maturing nervous system of the infant. In all actuality, it is likely that colic may be caused by a variety of causes, or that the causes of colic may vary greatly from one child to another. For this reason, it has been hard for parents and for health care providers to find effective methods of helping with colic.

One of the most proven effective ways at helping with colic has been probiotics. Specifically, the probiotic L. reuteri Protectis has shown to be especially effective. In studies, this particular probiotic has been shown to reduce crying in colicky babies as much as an hour and a half each day, when compared to colicky babies that are given the medication simethicone, a common treatment for colic in Europe. Understanding how effective probiotics are at helping with colic requires a little bit of understanding about exactly what it is that probiotics are and what they do.

Probiotics are live, beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are not harmful; rather, they help the gastrointestinal tract to do its job. These bacteria help aid in the process of digestion. They help with the absorption of nutrients. They also help to synthesize vitamins. They are known to help with the absorption of minerals. They help to break down carcinogens in the diet. They help the development and the functioning of the immune system. They even help to form a barrier that acts against harmful bacteria, as well as toxins and antigens. Finally, these bacteria help to protect the body against infections of a variety of types. If colic is in any way related to the gastrointestinal system, it is no wonder that probiotics are one of the most effective ways of helping with colic.

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