How Do Your Senses Change During The Second Trimester?

Once you become pregnant you will notice all kinds of changes from your sense to your physical shape. You will also notice psychological changes as well. An interesting change that occurs early in the first trimester and lasts through the second trimester as well is a change in your senses. Inevitably pregnant women have a sense of smell that is highly sensitive. This change is not necessarily for the better because it is the cause for nausea and food aversions in a lot of women, but it happens nonetheless.

The sense of taste is also altered. Some women find themselves craving things they never imagine, even things they hated before becoming pregnant, during their second trimester. Other women found themselves hating things they had always loved. One womans favorite food was shrimp but during her second trimester she developed an aversion to shrimp and simply could not smell them, eat them, or even think about them! Its amazing how the sense of taste can be so different during pregnancy.

Sight may also be affected during pregnancy. Many women notice their eyesight not being quite as sharp during the second and third trimesters and this is normal and is due to the increased hormones in the body.

While major changes are occurring on the inside of your body with your baby growing and developing other major changes occur with your senses. Its all just part of pregnancy and something all women go through and end up having fun stories to tell after it is all over. Kids also love to read in their baby books about the foods mom loved and hated while they were pregnant so make sure you keep track of them!

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