How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Failing?

Marriage is supposed to be forever. In the West in particular, marriage is seen as a permanent institution. Yet, as divorce statistics tell us, a great number of marriages wind up failing. How do you know when your marriage is failing? While circumstances will vary from one marriage to the next, there are some definite signs that a marriage is failing, or at least in serious danger.

Abuse can be an indication that lets you know when your marriage is failing. When one of the partners in a marriage, whether it is the husband or it is the wife, is physically or emotionally abusive, and unwilling or unable to get treatment for the abusive tendencies, divorce is often the only viable and logical option. A man or a woman who is in physical danger from their spouse should not stay with them. Even the most conservative of religions that look at divorce as being taboo tend to see divorce as a reasonable step in the case of physical abuse.

This also tends to be the case with infidelity. For some couples, infidelity can bring them to the point where their marriage is failing. The feelings of distrust and betrayal that comes when a wife or a husband cheats are too much to handle, and the offense often is too serious to forgive. On the other hand, many couples have weathered this sort of storm and, after a long time and a long, hard road to recovery, been able to stay together. In these instances, while the vow of fidelity has been broken, the vow to stay together for better and worse can sometimes still be kept.

A marriage can only stay together as long as both parties are willing to keep working on it. Before jumping into divorce, many couples choose other options, such as marriage counseling or a trial separation. These can also be logical steps that may help to keep a marriage together. Ultimately, however, if one or both of the married couple are unable to work at their relationship, the marriage is failing.

A failing marriage is not always a marriage that will end in divorce. If your marriage is failing, but you and your partner are both willing to try to work on your relationship, your marriage does not have to end in failure. It may be painful and it will almost always be difficult, but in the end it is often worth it.

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