How Do I Stop The Divorce I Started?

Once legal divorce proceedings have started, one person cannot stop the divorce from happening. Generally, both parties must agree to stop proceedings, or the divorce process will continue. If your spouse is determined to go through with a divorce, you can generally not stop it. You can slow it down, and you can make it more painful for both of you; you can make it more costly as well. But, in the end, you cannot stop the divorce unless your partner is willing.

You might be in the situation where your relationship has been troubled, and in terms of your relationship, you feel that you have started on the way to divorce. In this istance, how one stops a divorce from happening is not always readily apparent or easy. Fortunately, there are ways to help a troubled marriage.

A troubled marriage can only stay together as long as both parties are willing to keep working on it. The first requirement to stop a divorce from happening is that both people want to see the marriage continue and succeed. While this alone will not fix a troubled marriage, it is an important first step before anything else can happen. If only one of the partners is devoted to saving the marriage, divorce is likely inevitable.

The next thing to do to stop a divorce from happening is to figure out exactly what the problems or issues in the marriage are. in other words, you have to ask exactly how the marriage became troubled in the first place. Was there infidelity or cheating? Are there financial problems? Are there problems with the children? Are there other outside issues, such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, or problems with relatives or friends? Identifying the specific problem area or areas can greatly help a troubled marriage, and can keep a divorce from happening.

After you know what is causing the trouble in the marriage, the real work begins. The problem or issue has to be addressed. If the husband is an alcoholic, for example, the marriage will not get any better until he gets his alcoholism under control. In this situation, Alcoholics Anonymous will do much more for the marriage than a marriage counselor will do. On the other hand, if there is a problem with the way that husband and wife communicate, or if there has been a problem of infidelity or betrayal, marital counseling may be beneficial. Marriage counseling can especially help if a couple is having a hard time identifying what exactly it is that is making theirs a troubled marriage.

Not all troubled marriages will end in divorce. On the other hand, as statistics prove, not all troubled marriages will be helped, either. However, by identifying the problems or issues in a marriage, and if both people are willing to work at the troubled marriage, the vast majority of troubled marriages can be saved, and divorces can be stopped.

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