How Do I Remove Ear Wax From My Toddler’s Ears?

Toddlers develop ear wax just like the rest of us. However, you should not remove wax from a toddler’s ears in the same way you remove wax from an adult’s ears. That’s because you could damage the child’s eardrum if you stick a q-tip too far down a toddler’s ear. The following tips will help you remove wax from your toddler’s ears.

Baby Q-Tips

There are baby q-tips that are specially designed to remove wax from a toddler’s ears. They are really fat so that they can’t go very far in the child’s ear, but they can get most of the wax out of the toddler’s ear. These work really well because even if your toddler is squirming while you are cleaning his ears you do not have to worry about hurting him. Most stores carry these and they are inexpensive so you should have no problem finding them.

Wash Cloth

After your toddler gets out of the bath you could use the wash cloth to clean out his ears. Simply twist the wash cloth to form a little point and clean out his ears. This will be easy and fast and since the wax is wet and warm from the bath it will be much easier to remove.


You don’t have to remove the wax from your toddler’s ears. You could allow the wax to work its way out naturally and then simply wipe it away with your hands or a cloth.

Nobody likes for their toddler to have a lot of wax in their ears, however the methods mentioned above will help you keep your toddler’s ears clean and wax free. If your toddler has problems with wax buildup and ear infections you may want to talk to your pediatrician to find out about other methods of removing wax buildup in your toddler.

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