How Do Hcg Levels Differ In A Twin Pregnancy?

hCG, whichc stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, is a hormone produced by the fertilized egg and used to help your pregnancy while the placenta is developing. During the first trimester or so of pregnancy, hCG stimulates the production of progesterone. Once the placenta is developed, it can make enough progesterone to do what it has to do, which is why hCG levels drop off at the end of the first trimester. Many health care providers will test levels of hCG to confirm that you are pregnant.

Testing the specific levels of hCG can tell a health care provider certain things. Tracking levels of hCG can help to track the development of your baby, for example. HCG levels can also help to confirm if you are going to have twins or multiples, because you will have higher hCG levels with a twin or multiple pregnancy. Still, the levels of hCG present on any given day still fall within what is considered a “normal” range for a singleton pregnancy. HCG levels alone are not enough to guarantee that you are going to have twins.

High levels of hCG can also suggest a variety of other conditions, beyond just a twin pregnancy. High hCG levels can indicate an ectopic pregnancy, for example. It can also indicate something known as choriocarcinoma of the uterus, a malignant variation on molar pregnancy. It can also indicate a molar pregnancy. If you used fertility injections, these can trigger high levels of hCG as well.

Lowe levels of hCG, likewise, can indicate a problem. They can indicate that you have miscarried. They can indicate that you had an ectopic pregnancy, as ectopic pregnancies tend to show as normal or high early on, and then drop off. Low levels do not always indicate a problem, however. Some pregnancies have very low levels of hCG and wind up delivering perfectly normal and healthy babies.

Generally speaking, the best way to know for sure that you are going to have twins is the presence of multiple heartbeats. At around 12 weeks of pregnancy, your health care provider will be able to do a Doppler test, in which he may be able to distinguish two heartbeats. An ultrasound can also reliably reveal whether or not you are carrying twins. At around six weeks of pregnancy, a skilled technician can find two embryos, two heartbeats, and two sacs.

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