How Do HCG Levels Change During The Second Trimester?

When you become pregnant you r body start producing a hormone called hCG. This hormone works to prepare your body for pregnancy and support the new life growing inside you. During the first weeks of pregnancy the hormone levels increases drastically and continues until the 12th week of pregnancy at which point the hCG levels begin to level off somewhat. The following chart will help you see how hCG levels start out in early pregnancy, how they increase throughout the first trimester, and how they begin to level off for the rest of the pregnancy.

Days from Conception From LMP mIU/ml
7 days 3 weeks 0- 5
14 days 28 days 3- 426
21 days 35 days 18- 7340
28 days 42 days 1080 56500
35-42 days 49-56 days 7650- 229000
43-64 days 57-78 days 25700- 288000
57-78 days 79-100 days 13300-253000
17-24 weeks 2nd trimester 4060- 65400
25 weeks + 3rd trimester 3640-117000

What is important to note here is that while the levels of hCG surge during the first trimester they begin to level of in the second trimester through the rest of pregnancy. Obviously the actually amount of hCG in the pregnant womans blood can vary significantly. What is important to the pregnancy is that the individual woman has a constant rise in her hCG levels with a tapering off somewhere around the second trimester.

Lots of women are completely unaware of hCG and the important role it plays in your pregnancy. In fact, most women are not even aware that the home pregnancy tests are looking for hCG in your urine in order to have a positive result. Knowing about hCG levels is important because the more educated you are the better off you will be when discussing information with your doctor, asking questions, and basically understanding your pregnancy. If at any time you are worried about your hCG levels you should contact your doctor immediately. Falling hCG levels during the second trimester are normal, but the overall count should still remain fairly high throughout the rest of pregnancy. There is never a stupid question when it comes to the health of your child so feel free to contact your doctor as often as necessary for clarification.

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