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How Do Daycare Centers Handle Breastfed Infants?

In this day and age more women are breastfeeding their infants and then pumping their milk so their child can continue to drink breast milk even when at daycare. However, lots of moms are curious as to how daycare centers handle breastfed infants and want reassurance that they are being fed the breast milk and that the milk is handled properly.

All daycare centers are different and they all have different policies regarding breastfed infants. Of course, you will need to ask the various daycare centers you are considering what their policies are. But, the general way daycare centers handle breastfed babies is as follows.

Mom Comes By
In some situations the mother does not pump her milk but rather comes by the daycare every two to three hours to feed her baby. This is not an option many mothers have, but some offices do offer in office daycare centers and in the amount of time a mother could pump her milk she could actually go to her baby and feed him. This is the optimal situation but it doesnt work out for many moms. Regardless, it is one option.

Warms Breast Milk
Most daycare centers simply warm the babys milk in a glass of hot water and then feed him on the regular schedule. However, a problem might arise if your child is hungry and you have not left enough breast milk for him to drink.

You should discuss what you want your daycare worker to do in this situation. Is it ok for your daycare worker to supplement your childs breast milk with formula? Or, are you adamantly against that? If so then you need to have the provider call you so you can go to the daycare and feed your baby. When you realize your child needs more breast milk you will need to pump more and always try and leave some extra just in case your baby becomes extra hungry or his appetite increases.

In general, preparing a bottle of breast milk to feed your child is easier than formula because it only needs to be warmed for a few minutes in a glass of warm water. So, daycares dont have a problem with breastfed babies. The problem does arrive when your child is hungry and has no breast milk left to drink. Make sure you discuss this situation with your daycare provider before it actually occurs so you can make your wishes clear. Also, your daycare provider will know what to do when your baby is crying hysterically from hunger and there is no more breast milk.

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