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How Can We Stop Our Toddlers Insistent Whining?

Even the best and most patient of parents can be driven to the brink of insanity by a toddler’s insistent wining. Whining is something that nearly every toddler will do at one time or another. If your toddler is constantly wining, however, it may be a sign that there is something else going on.

The first thing to do when your toddler is whining regularly is to find out what exactly is wrong. Sometimes, toddlers whine because of a bad mood brought on by illness, tiredness, or even hunger. It may be that your whining toddler needs a nap or is just hungry. Or, it may be that your whining toddler is just bored, and needs your help finding something to do. Maybe he is afraid of something, such as bugs, the family dog, or the party. maybe he is anxious because of a new baby or from being separated from you during the day. He may whine because he is frustrated that he is unable to do something that he desperately wants to do. By identifying the underlying cause of your toddler’s whining, you may be able to reduce or eliminate the whining.

If your toddler is whining, it is important to not reward the whining. If he is demanding a new toy, the worst thing that you can do is to give him the new toy. This rewards the whining behavior, and makes it more likely that he will whine in the future. If you believe that you are going to give in, do it early, before the whining gets fully into gear, otherwise the toddler will come to believe that the longer and louder he whines the more likely he is to get his way.

Another great way to stop or reduce your toddler’s insistent whining is to make sure that you are rewarding good behavior. If she asks for a toy, and doesn’t whine when you tell her “no,” reconsider giving her the toy. If not, at the very least be sure to praise her for not whining in the situation.

Sometimes, reflecting a child’s whine back to him can help to ease the situation. Toddlers often will bust out laughing when they see you whining. Be careful here, though; if a toddler believes that you are mocking him, it will probably only make him more frustrated and lead to more whining.

By thoughtfully and consistently approaching your toddlers insistent whining, you will be more likely to have success in stopping it in the future.

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