How Can Probiotics Help My Baby While Breastfeeding?

Probiotics are some of the newest and most exciting types of supplements available. Actually made up of live bacteria, probiotics can help your baby while breastfeeding in a variety of ways. Using probiotics while breastfeeding can help to boost your baby’s immune system, aid in the functioning of his digestive system, and even prevent or delay a variety of conditions such as asthma and eczema. In addition, it is considered safe and beneficial to use probiotics directly on your baby.

Probiotics help to restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in your body, especially in your digestive or gastrointestinal tract. The bacteria in your digestive tract serve several important purposes. First of all, they help with the digestion of food. They can aid in the absorbing of minerals, as well as other nutrients. These bacteria also help with synthesizing vitamins. When a mother uses probiotics while breastfeeding, some of these bacteria are going to be naturally passed onto her baby through her breast milk, thereby having the same sorts of positive effects for her baby. In this way, probiotics can help your baby while breastfeeding by providing a number of gastrointestinal benefits.

There is another way that probiotics can help your baby while breastfeeding. The expansion and development that the gut flora (that is, the bacterial environment inside the digestive tract) go through naturally after a baby is born is an important contributor to the development and functioning of the baby’s immune system. Probiotics during this stage can help to make sure that process progresses the way that it should, and can help the baby’s immune system to be stronger and more robust.

By helping with the gut and the immune system, probiotics can help your baby to avoid skin problems, such as eczema. In addition, there is research that suggests that probiotic use in infants may also help to avoid the onset of asthma.

In some cases, such as when a mother’s or a baby’s immune system has been weakened or compromised, it may be that probiotics while breastfeeding are not recommended. If you are concerned that you fall into this category, you should speak with your health care provider.

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