How Can I Stop The Anger I Feel Toward My Colicky Baby?

Baby colic may be the most difficult thing parents ever have to deal with. The nonstop crying is mentally and emotionally taxing, not to mention physically. As a result many parents end up feeling angry at their colicky baby. They have tried everything to calm and soothe the infant and nothing works. After days or months of this nonstop crying anger begins to creep in. If you feel this happening to you then consider the following tips to help you ease the anger.

Its Not Babys Fault The most important thing to keep in mind is that your babys colic is not her fault and its not your fault either. It is just because your babys body is not mature enough to deal with certain formulas or transitioning from awake to asleep and vice versa. There may be another cause of the colic as well, but regardless of the cause your baby cant help it and would much rather be happy and smiling than crying all the time. So, when you start feeling angry at your baby for having colic try to remember that it is not his fault, take a deep breath, and tell yourself you can get through this together.

Get Away Sometimes getting through the colic months requires breaks from the baby. Mom might care for the infant all day long and when dad gets home from work he takes over for a few hours so mom can take a nap, a shower, or just get out of the house. A mental break is enough for most moms to relieve their anger and frustration and keep on loving their little one despite the colic.

Prayer Religious individuals find that prayer can work wonders with anything and colic is included. Families who pray and maintain a close spiritual relationship with God can reduce their anger towards their colicky much more easily than non-religious individuals. So, if your baby has colic consider praying and asking for divine intervention.

These tips might work for you or perhaps you have developed another way to relieve your anger and frustrations towards your little bundle of joy. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you become too angry you need to leave your baby in his crib or with someone for a few minutes to regain your composure. If you are angry you may do something to hurt your infant. So, do your best to relieve anger for the sake of your baby and yourself.

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