How Can I Prevent My Infant From Getting A Misshaped Head?

More than likely you have seen those infants that have misshapen heads and you want to avoid that for your child. There are several causes of misshaped heads in babies and each of them has its own resolution. The first cause of a misshaped head results from labor and delivery. Many babies who are born vaginally are born with a cone head. This occurs because the fetal head presses against the mothers cervix and then is forced through the birth canal which is not exactly conducive to a nice round head. However, within a few days the babys head should return back to normal thanks to the moving plates in his head.

Then, there are those babies who sleep on the same spot and their head begins to take on a different shape. This can easily be avoided. Of course, your baby needs to sleep on his back at all times because it reduces the risk of SIDS. So, during the day you should ensure your baby gets plenty of time on his tummy. Research shows that babies who get tummy time several times per day for at least five minutes at a time do not have the misshapen heads that many babies do who spend most of their time on their backs.

Never try and change the shape of your babys head through force, bindings, or anything else. The solution is very easy and does not require any special effort or supplies. Simply place your baby on a soft blanket, or a special play pad, on his stomach. If you do this four or five times per day for at least five minutes each time you will notice that your childs head takes on a normal shape. If even after tummy time your baby has a misshapen head then you should talk to your pediatrician. Dont try and change your babys head shape on your own because you could cause irreversible damage.

Also, when your place your child down on his back for sleep try and alternate the side of his head he sleeps on. Doing this will not put as much pressure on the same side every day and will keep a flat spot from developing. Just keep in mind that any questions you have about your newborn and his head shape should be discussed with your doctor. Only your doctor should advise you and offer you treatment options for this condition.

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