How Can I Get My Toddler To Stop Pooping In His Pants?

Many times parents wonder why their toddler is pooping in his pants and they want to know how to fix it. Generally, if your toddler is pooping his pants it is because he does not have control over his bowel movements yet. He may know when he needs to go poopie, but can’t control the muscles that allow him to make it to the bathroom in time. If this is the case you should be understanding and patient. Do not punish your toddler if he is pooping in his pants because he is not doing it to anger you or to disobey. He has no control over it happening and is probably less happy than you are about walking around in a poopy pants.

The best approach to a toddler who is pooping in his pants is to put him back in diapers or pull ups for a while and try again later. Parents who feel they are close to having a potty trained child will not like this idea, however if dealing with the poopy pants is too much then this is one of the best options. In time, your toddler will gain more control and be able to make it to the bathroom in time.

Another option is to take your toddler to the toilet every hour and have him sit for at least five minutes. Doing this will allow your child to poop in the toilet. The best time to place the child on the toilet is right after a meal when their body is more likely to poop because of muscle contractions.

This is difficult to do because you must pay attention to your toddler closely so that you can take him to the bathroom quite regularly. Usually, this is more hassle than allowing your toddler to wear diapers or pull ups until they are able to control their bowel movements.

Remember, your toddler wants to please you and he wants to be a “big boy.” However, if he is not ready do not force him. You want to take the potty training process slow and easy and never make your child feel bad or frustrated about the process. This will only prolong potty training.

Give these suggestions a try and see if you have fewer problems with poopy pants. Some toddlers may not want to go back to diapers and this alone will motivate them to go to the bathroom when they need to poopy. Other toddlers will poop in their pants to get attention so be sure you pay plenty of attention to your little one.

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