How Can I Develop My Infant’s Intelligence?

You have this brand new baby that you love more than anything and although you are still talking in that baby voice you do want your child to be smart. So, you begin wondering if there is anything you can do to help develop your infants intelligence. Amazingly, there are lots of things you can do as a parent to help your child develop and this can easily be achieved through love, communication, play and stimulation.

If you express your love to your child on a daily basis, and most parents do, then you will develop a much closer relationship with your child. He will trust you and love you like no other. He will put all his faith in you and respond to what you are trying to teach him. So, if you love your child and make him feel that love then you will set the stage for teaching your child.

It is important to communicate with your infant if you really want to help your child develop his intelligence. This means talking to your baby as if he can understand what you are talking about. Tell him what you are doing when you are bathing him, dressing him, or even when you are cleaning the house. You might not think that he understands, but as you explain the same activities over and over he will begin to associate words and actions sooner. Dont wait to communicate with your child until he is old enough to talk because you will waste precious time. Instead, talk with your baby and explain his new world to him. Believe it or not, but he will begin to understand before you know it.

Playing with your child is a great way to help him develop his intellect. Games help your baby have fun while learning new things. There are so many baby games out there that focus on teaching your baby new things that you wont have to get too creative. Just buy a toy that is appropriate for your childs age and start playing. Your baby will learn about noises, personal interaction, and you can even talk about colors, sounds, and the like while you are playing.

Focus on stimulating your child throughout the day. This can be through play time, reading books, taking a walk, tummy time, and play with mom or dad. The more you stimulate your babys mind the more likely he will be to develop his intelligence faster.

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