How Can I Avoid Getting Pregnant Without Using Contraceptives?

The idea of contraception is nearly as old as the idea of sex itself. There is evidence to suggest that even the ancient Egyptians developed a primitive form of the condom to be able to have intercourse without getting pregnant. Yet, for a variety of reasons, many people do not wish to use contraceptives, but they also want to avoid getting pregnant. Sometimes these reasons are of a medical nature. In other cases, they may have to do with dearly held religious beliefs. in any case, there are some methods that can help you avoid getting pregnant without using contraceptives.

The first thing to understand is that, methods of avoiding getting pregnant without using contraceptives have a higher rate of failure than contraceptive methods. From condoms to the birth control pill, contraceptives tend to have anywhere from a 90-99% success rate. The success rates for avoiding pregnancy without contraceptives are much lower.

The first method to consider is withdrawal. The withdrawal method involves removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation occurs. Withdrawal can be as little as 73% effective at avoiding pregnancy, or can be as much as 96% effective. The success rate of withdrawal relies primarily on the male partner’s ability to know when he is going to ejaculate, and his self-control in being able to withdrawal.

Another method to consider is the rhythm method. The rhythm method is based on the idea that you won’t have sex when you are fertile. This works best for women who have a regular cycle, and perfectly practice the rhythm method. This method does require constant vigilance, and cooperation of your partner. For religious and other reasons, this is the preferred birth control method for many women. Rhythm, like withdrawal, can be very effective. However, if a woman doesn’t have a menstrual cycle that is constant and predictable, the chances of becoming pregnant increase. The chances of becoming pregnant also increase dramatically if the partners don’t strictly follow the calendar.

While contraceptives provide a much more reliable method to avoid getting pregnant, there are options available to those who prefer to go on without using contraceptives.

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