How Can A Man Get Custody Of His Child?

The good news for the man who is trying to get custody of his child is that most states now include as part of their child custody guidelines the idea that mothers and fathers should be given equal preference when it comes to getting custody of a child. In practice, however, it can often be more difficult for a man to get custody of his child than it can be for a woman.

The biggest factor that a man needs to consider when trying to get custody of his child is his choice of attorney. The lawyer that you hire for your child custody case will very often make the difference between whether you win your case or you lose it. You will want to choose an attorney that is not only experienced in and knowledgeable about child custody, you should probably try to find an attorney who has previously won a child custody case for a father. Having the right attorney can make or break your case.

You may have an uphill battle in getting custody of your child in another way. The fact of the matter is that, regardless of gender, the courts tend to prefer to award custody to the parent who has most recently had custody of the children. The idea here is that the court does not want to disrupt the child’s life any more than it has been. If a man has not physically had custody of his children, he will have a harder case to make to the court.

Finally, for a man to get custody of his child he has to be able to prove that he can provide a better home life for his child than the mother can. This means not only being able to point out the mother’s weaknesses, but being able to identify his own strengths and weaknesses. The right attorney will be able to use this information to help the man get custody of his child.

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