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Homeschooling Around The World

Homeschooling has certainly become more popular in the United States over the past decade. However, what about in other parts of the world? Do other countries have families who find homeschooling the best method for teaching their children? Or is it only an American phenomenon? The answer is quite interesting!

Homeschooling has really dug in and started to become popular worldwide. In the United States approximately one million children are educated from home. And, around the world, tens of thousands of students are being homeschooled. It is amazing to watch as other countries start to homeschool their children. Check out some of the countries involved in homeschooling.

Australia is just one of the countries that has seen a rapid increase in families homeschooling their children. Approximately 20,000 families, maybe more, are homeschooling their children. There seems to be even more room for growth and lots of families are realizing the benefits of homeschooling.

Canada is another country that has seen an increase in homeschooling. Today more than 1% of students in Canada are being homeschooled. Many websites and support groups developed by Canadian homeschooling families help others and support the homeschooling movement.

Amazingly, Japan seems to be catching the homeschooling fever as well despite the mandatory school attendance in that country. It will be interesting to see where the future takes homeschooling in Japan.

Taiwan has made homeschooling legal in two cities with plans to make it legal in more cities in the near future. The homeschooling movement is growing slowly because most families have both parents working outside the home, but change is occurring.

Many other countries have homeschooling movements as well from Ecuador to South Africa. It will take time before homeschooling really catches on and parents are educated as to the benefits of homeschooling. However, once it catches on it really spreads like wildfire! Of course, homeschooling is more than likely taking place in many of the worlds countries but the percentage of children being educated this way is so small that it has yet to make a large impact. But, just as the homeschooling movement grew in the United States it will continue to grow in these other countries.

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