Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas Kids Can Make

Children love to make crafts and artwork. Many children enjoy being able to make something for the special people in their lives, and give them as gifts at Christmas time. Below are some excellent and easy homemade Christmas gift ideas that kids can make.

A decorative box is always an excellent gift. You will take a small plain box, such as a jewelry box. The kids can decorate the box in any way they would like, using things like glitter and ribbons. To top off this gift, add a short poem composed by your child.

Another great Christmas gift idea that kids can make is placemats. You can use 11×17 paper for these. The kids will create whatever sort of artwork on the paper that they want, using crayons, markers, paint, or pastels. Once the artwork is done, you can laminate the paper and turn it into a gift of a placemat.

Dessert spoons are another easy and fun Christmas gift idea for kids to make. To make dessert spoons, you will need to get some sturdy plastic spoons. You will then dip the spoons in melted chocolate. This can be milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. Then, you can top the chocolate with sprinkles. After the kids have made the spoons, you can wrap them in clear plastic wrap, and tie them closed with a ribbon. A nice Christmas poem composed by the kids is an excellent complement to this gift.

Kids can also make bookmarks as Christmas gifts. The bookmarks can be made from any number of materials, including wallpaper, foam, paper, or fabric. A simple piece of yarn can serve as a tassel once the bookmark is made. You can use contact paper to keep them sturdy, or even laminate them.

CD clocks are also a fun craft that kids can make. You can purchase the clockworks from the store. The kids then decorate an old CD or DVD with paint. You can then mount the clockworks on the CD. You can glue a small piece of wood at the bottom of the CD so that the clock will stand up, or you can attach a picture hanger to the back of the CD clock.

With a little bit of effort, your kids can make any number of great Christmas gifts to give to friends and family.

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